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Founded by Dane Smith in 2012. Smith took another step forward in his career by establishing his own marketing company, to better facilitate young adults and youth into the world.


Varna Canada is a lifestyle when it comes to Toronto, we are not short in any creative sphere, especially when it comes to media. but even in a city full of athletics, fashion and branding there are always the stand out. we would like to official launch the lifestyle brand. in celebration of past present and the future. The goal of Varna the brand was, and continues to be, to better facilitate relationships, while establishing long-term partnerships with companies in support of the brand.


We believe in designing products that allow everybody to show pride in a modern, fashionable way. "Anyone can put clothes on - that's easy. What I want to know is the story your clothing tells" Smith 

VB To The World 

We are simply alumnus of our youth and now is their time. We look to leave a positive impact to the same youth because we used to be in their shoes.